About Soni
Creative Spirit:
Soni dreamed of becoming a writer when she was nine years old and created a short comic strip for her dad. In her teens, her best friend Mary taught her to write poetry and pay attention to song lyrics. 

While Soni raised her large family she contributed to newsletters and magazines, and with the help of her oldest children, she published a home school newspaper called, C.H.E.R.I.S.H. 

As her family grew she set writing aside a few years to improve her gardening, cooking and food preservation skills. She and her children volunteered at rest homes, an orphanage, churches and homeschool events. During this time she won first prize for inventing a children's game, "Spell Well Fishing Well" for Lakeshore Co., and spent a few years helping her daughters train and show horses, and train a Moluccan Cockatoo named, "Flit".

Later, Soni joined the Christian Writer's Guild (Jerry B. Jenkins) attended conferences and completed the Apprenticeship and the Writing Essentials course. She researched and outlined dozens of stories while earning her Associate of Art and Business Degree. She loves to research history and the personality traits and lives of pioneers, historical leaders, and native Americans.

On Genre:
Soni cannot be tied to one corral!
While she loves dreaming up fictional stories, she has studied Southwest history for many years and has taken to one Pioneer in particular. Her first work, "The Remarkable Billy Fourr", is featured in the 2017 Cochise County Historical Journal 50th Anniversary edition and can be found on, "William 'Billy' Fourr" facebook page.
That same year, Soni contributed a chapter in an information science reference book that is available at Amazon Books.

Personal Life:
Soni takes time out for friends and family, traveling, meeting new people, and cooking. She fed her family and their friends mess-style for years and is working on a cookbook.

Soni enjoys a quiet house these days, with Raya being her last at home, and is looking forward to self-publishing her first book in a trilogy: "Rudy's Rescue-Wake Up!"- a Tail to Tale trilogy.

They live in the American Southwest, an area rich in history and interesting historical figures.

She never forgets to thank her long-time companion, Norm, for introducing her to William Fourr and sponsoring her writing.

Soni would also like to thank her online and social media friends for "always being there", for  brainstorming with her, bouncing ideas, making her laugh and believing in her. 

Meet the Author
Soni Cido

The Birth of Rudy

When Soni was eight years old, her mother put her in charge of a baby lamb that had been frozen during a severe Minnesota winter storm. After a big flood during high school, she fostered squirrels and a raccoon she called Jasper, but couldn't wait to have her own animals.


As soon as she turned 18, she rescued a puppy that was so ugly, the owner had planned to have him put down for being "the runt".  She named him Charlie.


Over the past several decades, Soni and her children have taken in a menagerie of the "least likely to be loved" animals which generated 

a palate of lively stories.


"Rudy" was born in a Jeep to Soni and her daughter, Raya.  Together they came up with the story during trips back and forth to middle school. Raya was avoiding encounters on the school bus with bullies and Rudy rescued their mornings. 

Soni and Raya hope that the book will help raise money for animal rescue and no-kill shelters.

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