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The ONE song that inspired Chapter One

My ENTIRE Playlist While Writing Rudy's Rescue

The Dogs that Inspired Me


2017, at the beginning of my “Rudy” writing adventure, my sponsor and I were driving through New Mexico and this dog caught my eye.

At first, I thought he needed to be rescued!
A quick visit with his owner revealed that this dog did not need rescuing. In fact, he is a helper to his owners with the menagerie of rescued animals on their little ranch. 

When I offered to pay for grooming, his owner said, “Oh, no! He’d freak out. This is a cow dog, not a city dog. He sleeps with the pigs and cows. He'll only tolerate gardenhose baths."

The owner gave me permission to use the pictures I took of
E.Z. Kiel online.

E.Z. Kiel has been an endless source of inspiration while writing.

Unfortunately, his owner passed away not long after I took these pictures. May he rest in peace. He was one of the sweetest men I’ve ever met, and no doubt, E.Z. Kiel misses him with his whole heart.
























































































































































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