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Gist of the Journey: annoying facts about my writing, publishing, & parenting adult children.

Not in that order. I have been ready to get published all my life. I'm 60, and my first novel just became available on Amazon but this last 2-3 years were mean to me! Every time I thought I was ready to share my book, I had to pull back and work on it more. Welcome to my story where quitting is not allowed, but staying in bed a day or two always is. This blog is a tell-as-much-as-I-can-recall as to how I wrote my first novel while navigating the fascinating challenges of growing older, and staying involved in the lives of my adult children while juggling all the surprising disasters in life. There is a Gist to every Journey! By sharing my triumphs and mistakes, my moments and pitfalls, I am hoping I can help make your journey a little less annoying.

You may know me as Soni Cido. I've been on social media a while. If you aren't on social media, that's ok! Although you are missing some of the fun... The fact that you are reading this proves you don't need to be, to follow my journey. I'll bring it to you. Writers are told go grow their email list because some day, social media could just vanish! Then, so would our contacts and followers. If you haven't already signed up, go to my website right now, and add in your email so we never lose each other. On that link is my beautiful website where you can also find information about my first book, and a little about me, and my family. I promise not to bombard you with long, boring letters when you share your email with me. I'll keep them short, with a link to this blog for the days you feel like reading.

As I mentioned in the newsletter I sent out today, I cut my teeth on this book: "Rudy's Rescue Book One". And it hurt! My gums bled! And the progress was slower than molasses on a cold winter's day.

Why? you might ask. I'll get into those stories in future blog posts so don't forget to go to, and sign up for notifications when those stories are posted!

There is a Gist to Every Journey. Let my gist be your gist! Come, let's reason together and learn from each other. Don't forget to comment and share this blog!

Gisting along, Soni


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