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Joy to the World, and this means YOU

Manny lost his first and only BFF just before Christmas, just before his 12th birthday, and as expected, he didn’t handle it well. Who would have?

As Manny eventually learns, changes in life are required to make room for new experiences. Those changes, though many times shocking and unwanted, become treasures we can store for later. As life works itself out, and with the help of others, he discovers this earthly life is not fully in our control, nor will it ever be.

But there is joy waiting! As Manny learns, life along with its trials is worth making the best of. He also learns an eternal truth that will carry him on: Joy is not happiness.

Joy lasts. It’s a rock. It’s a foundation we can build upon and when more storms hit, and we know they will, we will get stronger. Do you know someone who hasn’t found joy in an unwanted change they’ve experienced? Is it you? Try reaching out to someone who comes to mind. Let them know they aren’t alone, just as a BFF like Rudy is to Manny, and Manny is to Rudy. I guarantee you’ll find your joy. As C. S. Lewis wrote in his book, The Last Battle, “All find what they truly seek. May all your Christmases be filled with treasures from Heaven, and may all your hurt and loneliness be healed as we move into the New Year of 2023! Soni & Rudy Rudy's Rescue book one is now on Amazon and Kindle.


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