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Who or What is Bubblegum Grace?

God’s Grace is stretchy. It's not bungee cord stretchy (snaps back and hurts you) but is bubblegum stretchy: pliable, sticky, sweet.

Greta Groomer is Rudy's groomer in Rudy's Rescue the series. Greta has a twin sister, her name is Grace but Greta calls her Bubblegum Grace (you’ll meet Bubblegum Grace in book two of Rudy’s Rescue). How did she earn the name Bubblegum Grace? I won’t make you wait for book two :)

When Greta and Grace were kids, Greta seemed to be 'the twin with a curse' because everyone always rejected her and nothing went well for her. Her sister Grace told her, the only reason she lived through it all was by God’s Grace and we all get to enjoy His Grace every day even when we don't give him credit for it. And it's so stretchy! Greta didn’t always handle tough times well, and by the time she was into her 40s, she’d divorced enough times that she told the judge to Order her last name the same as of her profession, “Groomer”. Greta Groomer planned to never marry again. In Book One of Rudy’s Rescue, Greta becomes Rudy’s groomer, and she meets “nasty Bob” the owner of the shelter where Manny finds Rudy and Bob becomes her best grooming experience.

Keep coming back to find out more about Greta Groomer, Nasty Bob, Manny and Rudy at: or, !


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