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Rudy's Rescue
Book One

  a Tails to Tale story
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Rudy’s Rescue  
A Tails to Tale Story

Manny Williams loses his dog, Charlie, on his 12th birthday, Christmas day, and thinks the Universe is against him.

He has no way of knowing the same day an Airedale named Rudy is being taken from his abusive owner to be lost in the system of shelters and unfit homes.

Eighteen months of cheap dog food and taco trucks wreaks havoc on Rudy’s system and he develops digestive issues, which land him at nasty Bob’s shelter in Manny’s home town—scheduled to be euthanized!

Rudy’s marble eyes and comical smile inspired Manny to convince Bob and his parents taking Rudy home will be worth it.

But Mr. Bleak is looking for his dog and although his health holds him back, he’s got the money to do it.


How could Manny have known Rudy would help him discover the Universe may not be the bad guy he thought after all?

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