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Rudy's Rescue
Book One

  a Tails to Tale story
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Rudy’s Rescue  
A Tails to Tale Story

When Manny Williams loses his beloved dog Charlie on his 12th birthday, he believes the entire universe is against him.

The same day, an Animal Control agent removes an AKC Championship Airedale from his original owner, changes his name to Rudy, then loses him in a network of shelters, and unfit homes.

Eighteen months of cheap dog food and taco trucks wreak havoc on Rudy’s digestive system which gets him kicked out of a swanky shelter in Tubac and lands him at nasty Bob’s in Manny’s hometown of Cholla.

Rudy’s marble eyes and comical smile inspire Manny to convince his parents taking Rudy home will be worth it. 

But Mr. Bleak is on the hunt for his dog!

Will Manny discover the Universe may not be the bad guy after all?


Will Mr. Bleak win, or will he give up? 

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