Here's Rudy!

Rudy's Rescue-Wake Up!
Book One

  a Tails to Tale story
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BOOK 1:        
Rudy's Rescue- Wake Up!

Manny Williams had enough drama to last him a lifetime when he lost his beloved dog Charlie halfway through sixth grade. Manny decided the best way to handle the cruelty of the Universe was to sleep every chance possible until he woke up to a good day.
But his mother, Esperanza, wasn’t going to have it. Her son just needed a replacement dog, it was that simple.
To Manny, it wasn’t that simple.
Not just any dog would do!

The family stumbled upon an Airedale at the local shelter who was in terrible shape and was scheduled to be euthanized. The shelter owner, nasty Bob, thought that the dog’s “back-door explosions” were hilarious and deemed him unadoptable.

Rudy’s marble eyes and comical smile gave Manny the inspiration to convince Bob and his parents that taking Rudy home would be worth it.


How could Manny and his family have known that the dog’s stinky presence would fire up the town bullies, cause job loss for his parents, and fuel their first family fight? How could Manny have known that Rudy could bring him a feisty girlfriend, the courage to defend himself, and discover the Universe may not be the bad guy after all.

Rudy’s addition to the family and community makes a significant impact. Maybe because everyone needed to Wake Up! 

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